The functional elements of a solid managements system


Functional element and Description

Waste generation

Those activities in which materials are identified as no longer being of value and are either thrown away or gathered together for disposal


On-site handling, storing and processing

Those activities associated with the handling, storage and process of solid waste at or near the point of generation,


Those activities associated with the gathering of solid wastes and the hauling of wastes after collection to the location where the collection vehicle is emptied.


Transfer and transport

Those activities associated with (1) the transfer to wastes from the smaller collection vehicle to the larger transport equipment and (2) the subsequent transport of the wastes to the disposal site.

Processing and recovery

Those techniques cover equipment and facilities used boil, to improve the efficiency of the other functional elements and to recover materials or energy from solid wastes.



Those activities associated with ultimate disposal of solid waste, including those waste collected and transported directly to landfill site.

On-Site Handling

On-site handling refers to the activities associated with the handling of solid wastes until they are placed in the containers used for their storage before collection. Depending on the type of collection service, handling may also be required to move loaded containers to the collection point and to return the empty containers to the point where they are stored between collections.


On-Site Storage

The factors that must be considered in the on-site storage of solid wastes include:

1. The type of container to be used

2. The container location


3. Public health and aesthetics

4. Collection methods to be used


To a large extent, the types and capacities of containers used depend on the characteristics of the sol: waste to be collected, the collection frequency and the space available for the placement of containers

Container Locations

In newer residential areas, containers for solid waste usually are placed by the side or near of the house. In older residential areas containers are located in alleys. In low-rise multifamily apartments large containers are often placed in specially designed and designated enclosures.

On-Site Processing of Solid Wastes

On-site processing methods are used to recover usable materials from solid wastes, to reduce volume, or to alter the physical form. The most common on-site processing operations include manual sorting, compaction and incineration.

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