The following are the objects of form control, in brief


The following are the objects of form control, in brief:

1. To ensure regular supply of various forms;

2. To economical use of forms for the firm;


3. To reduce the clerical work;

4. To minimize the use of number of forms;

5. To make necessary changes in the existing forms if they are not satisfactory;

6. To make reviews, whenever needed;


7. To introduce new forms which are really necessary?

8. To retain and use only those forms those are necessary for office systems;

9. To study whether the introduction of new forms or revision of old forms, is essential;

10. To evaluate forms design on the basis of time required to use them;


11. To review periodically all forms in use to find out their current utility;

12. To eliminate obsolete and irrelevant forms, to consolidate different forms doing the same thing and to introduce only such forms that are really necessary.

The form no longer required, should be disposed of. After obtaining proper approval of the officer concerned, the approval will be pasted on the form, in the Form book, marked as “dead”, if possible along with date.

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