Technology Infrastructure Requirements and Design Research


Technology Infrastructure Requirements and Design Research :

The Illinois State Board of Education and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications have created two exceptional documents which are concerned with technology infrastructure requirements and design. Some especially significant conclusions of these documents were that any technology infrastructure requirements and design plan should consider:

1. Connected workstations that provide access to local and globed systems, resources, and people;


2. Capacity that allows the use of images, voice, video, and text data;

3. Expansion potential that is saleable, flexible, and sustainable;

4. Potential for community expansion;

5. Flexibility to use a variety of applications including the World Wide Web;


6. Costs including installation, training, and operating costs;

7. Security including several layers of protection and encryption;

8. Controls to reduce unacceptable site access by students; and

9. Guarantees of capacity, priority use, and access during peak time.

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