1. The content of women’s programmes on radio and TV or articles on women should project their multiplicity of roles, life styles, achievements, problems and struggles.

2. The actual life of women in different regions of the country should be reflected in the mass media.

3. Focusing on women should not be limited to women’s programmes. Women’s dimension should become integral part of all programmes shown on television.

4. Women should be portrayed in positive roles in media to create transformation of women’s images.


5. Women in media should see to it that women as subjects of analysis are not presented as the subordinate sex.

6. Women studies centres, researchers in the area of women’s studies departments in the universities and NGOs working for women should interact constantly to indirectly monitor the mass media images of women.

7. National media policy should be formed providing media norms for portrayal of women in various mass media. Policy makers should be sensitized to issues relating to women.

8. There should be systematic crusade against atrocities on women through meaningful programmes.


9. Attempts should be made to integrate the message of equality with general programmes aimed at mixed audience to disabuse their minds of prejudice and false concepts.

10. Commercials on television should opt for designing non- traditional advertisements portraying women’s participation in management and decision making roles in public and private sectors.

11. Women should be shown natural and realistic and emancipated in the advertisements.

12. Advertising code should be followed strictly.


13. Cinema on themes centering around women’s issues and problems should be encouraged by government by providing financial help, tax exemption etc.

14. Gender sensitization programmes should be organized for people engaged in various media production.