Storm surge refers to the piling up of water against the sea coast


Storm surge refers to the piling up of water against the sea coast. A surge is always associated with exceptionally powerful storm waves. A storm surge is a very dangerous and damaging sea phenomenon resulting in widespread flooding, damage and the loss of life and property.

Sometimes the disastrous flooding may take thousands of human lives, and lakhs are rendered homeless. In the Peninsular India, the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Tamil Nadu experience disastrous storm surges caused by high-velocity winds with a speed of 130 to 140 km an hour.

Though there is no direct relationship between the storm surge and the tide-producing forces, the surge behaves in certain respects like a tide. Actually, the weather phenomenon is of great importance in the generation of storm surges.


For example, a strong depression passing over a sea surface with very low pressure at the centre and accompanied with high velocity winds, produces the sea waves of abnormal heights.

As we are aware, the sudden drop in the air-pressure raises the sea-level. This is reinforced by strong winds blowing with a velocity of more than 120 km an hour. Thus, it is evident that storm surges are the outcome of fast moving storms over the seas.

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