It is defined as the detachment and transportation of soil by agents of denudation such as weathering, running water and wind. In mountains, where the slopes are steep, water is an important agent of erosion. Types of Erosion

1. Erosion by Running Water is of two types:

(a) Sheet Erosion. In mountainous regions, where there is heavy rainfall and steep slopes, erosion is more and a large amount of soil are removed over vast stretches of land.

(b) Gully Erosion. When soil is removed by water flowing along definite paths or in channels, it is called gully erosion. They cut up agricultural land and make it unfit for cultivation.


2. Wind Erosion. In deserts and dry regions, where there is little or no vegetal cover, wind is the most powerful agent of erosion.

3. Human Factor. Man and his activities are responsible to a great extent for the erosion of soil, e.g., deforestation, overgrazing of land and improper farming techniques, human settlements, etc.