Sixth Five Year Plan of Indian Agri­culture (1979-80 to 1984-85)


Agriculture and area planning for integrated rural development were accorded priority in the sixth five year plan. Out of a total plan outlay of Rs. 110,467 crores Rs. 26,131 crores (23.65%) were allocated for agriculture and allied activities. The plan also put emphasis on land reforms, optimum utilization of inputs, greater use of HYV seeds, chemical fertilizers and ground water resources and improvement in post-harvest technology including marketing and storage.

The annual growth rate was 6%, the highest recorded during the planning era. Consequently the food grain production reached to 152.37 million tons in 1983-84 (declining to 145. 54 million tons in 1984-85). During the plan period there was about40% increase in the output of oilseeds and sugarcane besides 23% increase in the production of pulses and cotton. Irrigation potential increased by 11 million ha. And the impact of green revolution started spreading to new areas.

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