Short notes on Pedal Cycles Insurance


Short notes on Pedal Cycles Insurance:

The cover is generally granted in respect of:

(a) Loss of or damage to the Pedal Cycle described in the schedule of the Policy by fire, lightning, explosion, burglary, housebreaking, theft or accidental external means.


The loss or damage to the Pedal Cycle by accidental external means is subject to an excess of Rs. 10 in respect of each claim.

(b) Insured’s legal liability for bodily injury to the public and for damage to the property of the public limit of Rs. 15,000 in all limits may be increased.

The premium rates depend on the cover desired by the insurance (i.e., whether comprehensive or third party liability only) and the limit of indemnity selected by the insured in respect of third party cover.

Some insurers grant a discount of say, 10% if more than two cycles are insured under a single policy.

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