Short Notes on Examination Reform and the National Policy of Education


Examination Reform and the National Policy of Education

The NPE has visualized the evaluation process as an integral part of the teaching- learning process. To make evaluation reliable and valid the following reforms have been suggested in the NPE. The modified NPE has also upheld these reforms:

1. Only those teachers who teach a subject should evaluate the students.


2. Due weightage should be given on institutional evaluation on internal assessment in addition to external assessment.

3- Persons connected with invigilation and valuation should be given protection to ensure fair conduct of examination and valuation work.

4. Malpractices connected with examination should be treated as cognizable and unbailable offences.

5. Conduct of valuation work should be decentralized. A number of sub-centres should be identified to conduct the valuation work.


6. Public examination will continue to be only at the end of Class X and class XII.

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