Parents, student, school, and teacher are interrelated to each-other rapidly. Parent sends their children to school for education. School educates children. Both are interested in children’s progress and both are answerable to each-other but we have experienced that illiterate and uneducated parents do not understand the importance of education, so they do not provide a good educational environment for their children.

In a village, few children complete primary education and the problem of absenteeism from school is more rampant. Parents are busy in agricultural and other activities. They do not keep contact with the school.

Educated parents are often busy in their professional work. They might not find time to keep contact with school. It becomes the responsibility of the school to ensure the growth and development of children.

Once a child is admitted to a school, parents start thinking that their responsibility is over. Teachers think that parents do not take interest in child’s education. On the other hand, parents think that teachers do not teach well in the school. Both are blaming each-other. But both are equally responsible for child’s progress, so both have to take interest in the child’s growth and development.


Only home visits by a teacher are not enough. Parents should take interest in child’s education. They should also know problems academics as well as personal problems, that the children facing and with the help of teachers, try to solve them.

They should know when the child conies to school, what he/she do in the school? What are his/her interest/attitude and aptitude towards study? What is his/her progress? Whether he/she takes part in other activities of the school? What should be done to improve growth and development of the child? In such a situation PTA helps in developing all-round personality of the child. Ever)’ school should have a PTA.

For establishment of PTA the following steps need to be taken:

(i) Invite parents to school.


(ii) Explain to them the objectives of PTA.

(iii) Give them brief idea about the activities of PTA.

(iv) Make membership of PTA voluntary.

(v) All parents should be invited.


(vi) Teachers have to take up the responsibility to conduct PTA meetings.

(vii) Try to involve more parents in activities.