The Governor is the nominal executive head of the state and all executive authority of the state is vested in him.


The governor of a state is appointed by the president of India.



For being a Governor of a state following are the qualifications:

1. He must be a citizen of India.

2. He must not be less than 35 years of age.

3. He must not be a member of either House of Parliament or the state legislature.


4. He must not hold any office of profit.

Term of Office

A Governor is appointed for a term of 5 years and hold office with the consent of the President.



The Governor gets a monthly salary of Rs. 36,000 in addition to free residence and other allowances.


The executive power of the state is vested in the Governor of the state and all executive actions of the government of the state are taken in his name. He appoints council of ministers to »ld and advise him in the discharge of his functions.

He appoints Chief Minister and on his advice other ministers of the state. He points the Chairman and other members of the state Public Service Commission. He appoints Advocate-General. He nominates certain “umber of members of legislative council.


He has the power to issue finance. He summons the legislature, addresses it, sends messages, Rogues it and dissolves the legislative Assembly. The assent of the perform is must for converting a bill into an act. the recommendation the Governor is necessary for the introduction of the money bill in State Legislative Assembly.

He is empowered to grant pardon, reprieve or remit the sentence end and commute the sentence of any offence covered by executive powers of the state.