First Research Institution of Science of India

During British period, Indians began to ask for Western Education in Science from British Government once they realised the importance of such education in modern time.

Colonial power did agree to provide various facilities to the natives of nation for scientific development, however financial provision was not adequate. Such financial provision was made which was sufficient to train limited number of clerks who could operate in English language in British Government forces and European Commercial Houses.

Financial provision was insufficient to enable the native people to pick up treasures from house of European science. Thus, hard way of working for science began during this period. An expert realised the fact that science professionships could be filled by Indians, which was the main clause which irritated the British government firmly entrenched in view that only European people were suitable to be recruited for higher positions.


A large number of physicists and chemists were being produced by the University College of Science, which had to face financial problems in the beginning, but later made arrangements to cope with such problems.