Short Essay on Tension and Sports Performance


Tension may arise due to repetitive failures in performance, or when a desired goal is not immediately attained.

Research shows that young players are more affected by tension than experienced players.

Experienced players too can be nervous and tense but they translate this tension into high levels of controlled arousal and concentration on technique. Unfamiliar environments too can cause tension.


The desire to win makes athletes to thrive on competition. Athletes expect success and expectations of success too high can result in upsets in sports as the athletes expected to win easily do not perceive their opponents as threatening to their continued success.

Failure leads to tension but players usually have way of coping and adopting to unusual situations that arise during a contest but at times gives in to the mental pressure.

Tension arises when a goal is not immediately attained or due to repetitive failures in performance.

The result in tensed muscle and inability to execute one’s movement properly thereby resulting in inability to initiate and maintain rhythm.

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