Man’s first struggle, of course, was to survive. He had to find and grow food, provide shelter and clothing and protect himself from his enemies beyond these; how­ever, he has always had some time “on his own”.

This sometime, of his own is the leisure time. It is the time when one is free to do what he chooses. Where time is unobligated and one is free to do what he pleases, how he pleases and with whom he pleases, it is known as leisure.

Unlike rest leisure also conserves the vital energies and affords the body and the train their most important and vital opportunity for regeneration, Leisure may be thought about by recreation, change of work, sitting comfortably or by sleeping.

It safeguards against over work and helpful for mental assimilation. After continuous hours of monotonous activities leisure provides mental relaxation. Leisure acts as ‘tension releaser’. Irrespective of young and old, everybody needs leisure after a long period of continuous work both physical and mental.


Leisure also plays vital role in the field of education At present not only traditional subjects find place in the curriculum but also there is direction for the leisure which is growing importance. Training for the wise use of leisure is one of the cardinal objectives of education.

So education for the wise and constructive use of leisure should start early in the home and the school and continue throughout the life span. The curriculum should be designed to train the students not only for work but also for leisure.

For using leisure hour effectively variety of activities such as social, aesthetic, sports etc. should be introduced in the school. These activities are recommended not only to make school life pleasant and meaningful for the students but also to cultivate varied interests and hobbies which provide excellent training for leisure.