Decision making may be defined as the selection of one course of action from two or more alternative courses of action according to George Terry, “as the selection based on certain criteria lo select one appropriate alternative out of two or more alternatives. ” It is a part of problem-solving. There would be no decision for teachers to make if there were no problems.

Decision implies that we make a choice from several of many possibilities. It is the process of choice which leads to action. A teacher can make a number of decisions in his/her different spheres of activity. For a teacher the decision-making has a special significance.

Decision-making controls the entire activity of an organization and lends clearly too different tasks to be carried out.

Decision-making is a normal process which is used every day; every time we order a meal or choose a dress we take a decision. This does not always mean that the decision arrived is irrigational. The total personality a person is involved: knowledge, imagination, attitudes, judgment and so on.