Short biography of Bhagat Singh


One of the members of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association Bhagat Singh is remembered for his patriotism and self- sacrifice for the cause of the country.

The Hindustan Socialist Republican Association was constituted as an organization with socialism as its ideal. Bhagat Singh’s first revolutionary act was the murder of the ill-famed police officer Saunders in 1928.

But more important than this was the throwing of a live bomb in the Assembly hall of Delhi. I.. 1929 when the members of the Legislative Assembly had been discussing two bills-Public Safety Bill and the Trade Disputes Bill suddenly Bhagat Singh and Batukeswar Datta hurled two bombs on the floor of the Assembly.


The two revolutionaries made no attempt to escape and made a clean confession, when apprehended by the police that they did it deliberately to register their protest. This act of heroism made Bhagat Singh famous as a revolutionary.

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