Television is an audio-visual and sophisticated scientific device. It telecasts programmes from far and wide areas of the country and abroad. It has an important role to play for entertainment and education of people all over the world. Some educational functions of television are discussed as follows.

1. Training for citizenship:

Citizenship training is the biggest task of a democratic country like India. Television plays a pivotal role to achieve this objective through documentaries, debate and discussion serials. The programmes telecasted to develop patriotic feeling and ensures obligation of people to country, love and sympathy for follow men and creates awareness about rights and duties of the citizen.

2. Fostering the sense of national integration and International understanding:


The need of national integration and international understanding is felt essential all quarters in modern times. The countries are coming close to each other now-a-days through rapid communication revolution. The sense of unity, co-operation and mutual relation are to be fostered among people to ensure a peaceful living in the globe, TV programmes on the role of UNESCO, UNO and World Bank for international understanding as well as common cultural programmes like Celebration of National Day, Birth Centenary of greatmen for strengthen national integration are widely welcomed.

3. Environmental Awareness:

Environment pollution and ecological imbalances have challenged the life on the earth in modern times. Rapid population growth, Urbanization problem of drain, huge stock of garbage, deforestation, evacuation of sarcastic gases from industry and automobiles are some of the reason of environment pollution.

Necessity of clear environment for health and hygiene, needy of sanitation information about birth control devices are to be taught to mass through different programme. General awareness about the environment and its problems are raised through TV programmes.


4. Inculcation of Socio-Political and Cultural Values:

Socio-Political and Cultural achievement of the country described through different programmes to foster the sense of brotherhood among the people of different caste, creed and sex. Changing social systems, cultural and political issues are also brought for discussion and debate and exhibition on cultural exchange and political reviews are necessary for preservation of cultural values.

Televisions another function is to provide entertainment to people through the programmes like Cinema, Serial, and Sports etc. Its role as an important communication medium is noteworthy for promoting national unity, developing economy and refining socio-cultural life of people. Its great contribution to humanity is education through different programmes.