What is the Role of Radio in enhancing Education?


Radio is a scientific device that functions as an effective auditory instrument for communication. It also plays an important role in education. It is not only informs, but also inspires human being for learning more and more. It is not only includes values and virtues, but also creates attitudes, interests and appreciation of human life. It can cover a very wide area at the same time.

The Educational Functions of Radio are discussed below:

1. Quantitative expansion and qualitative improvement of education:


Radio has immense values, particularly in a developing country like India where constraints of finance, efficient teachers, suitable equipment and appliances adversely affect educational planning and administration.

Radio is to play a significant part in expansion as well as qualitative improvement of education. There are some inaccessible areas in our country where expansion of education has faced difficulties. To a large number of socially disadvantaged children, education is neither meaningful nor interesting.

There has been a growing awareness about the inadequacy of the traditional or formal system of education not only for expansion, but also for improving the standards of education. The need for alternative mass-media is gradually felt along- with non-formal system of education.

2. Fostering the sense of National Integration and International Understanding:


Radio is an important instrument to foster the sense of unity and integrity among the people. The cultural programmes, debates, talks, through broadcasts involve a strong desire among the people to know each and other’s culture and values.

In order to promote a sense of understanding and unity among people it is an inexpensive, but potential communication medium reaching all levels of people. So its role for national/emotional integration and international understanding is praise-worthy.

3. Entertainment:

Entertainment is an important aspect of human life. Radio is the most popular mass medium through which leisure is carefully utilized through song, drama and other cultural, programmes. It also provides information about various popular hobbies and leisure time activities. It gives happiness and joy through various programme.


4. Vocational Education:

Vocational information about production and consumption practices in industry and agriculture, use of manures and highbred seed, employment news are broadcast by Radio. Programmes regarding self-employment and talks by skilled people ensure better understanding among people for economic prosperity.

Apart from the above matters radio also inculcates scientific temper among people, helps to enjoy the cultural activities and eradicates social superstitions and age-old dogmas. The role of radio in shaping the society and providing information and education is significant. Educational broadcasting is also useful for improving education and for enrichment purposes.

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