In the planning and execution of school programme, the head of the institution, teachers students and their parents have all to join hands to attain common goals and purposes. The Headmaster may be described as the Solar Orb, round whom all the teacher planets revolve.

A better analogy is given by W.M. Ryburn, when he compares the Headmaster to the Captain of a ship, who like Captain in the ship, holds the key position in the school. Ryburn wants a Headmaster to be a man of faith. It is therefore, essential that he is not only a man of high character, but a man of faith, “Faith in vocation, faith in his pupils faith in human nature and faith in his staff’.

Also Ryburn lays emphasis on the inspiring qualities of the Headmaster of the schools. “He must also be able to inspire the staff in their day-to-day work, inspire pupils to use all opportunities provided, drawing out the best that is in them inspire the society.”

In the worlds of the Central Advisory Board of Education, “No scheme of educational reconstruction will produce the desired result, unless it is administered with vision and efficiency. The person who plans with vision and executes with responsibility is virtually the headmaster”. In fact, school is the lengthened shadow of Headmaster.


The Secondary Education Commission (1952-53) opines on Headmaster, “On him the proper working of school ultimately depends. The reputation of the school and the position that it holds in the society depends in a large measure on the influence that he exercises over his colleagues his pupils and general public.

True, on his ability and skill, as a sound and effective educational leader depends the success of a school system. A Role of Headmaster and Teachers !Headmaster is the leader and the centre of the whole organization of the school. P.C. Wren beautifully explains the role of the Headmaster in the following world :

“What the mainspring is to the watch, the fly-wheel to the machine, or the engine to steamship, the Headmaster is to the school. The character of the school reflects and proclaims the professional character of the Headmaster. He is the seal and the school is the wax.”

“As the Headmaster, so is the school”. There is no denying the fact that everything in the school, the staff, the curriculum, the method of instruction the discipline, the co-curriculum, activities, the daily schedule and the general atmosphere and the tone of the school is fashioned in the mould of the Headmaster. It may be recalled that some schools in England are still named after their reputed Headmaster, i.e. Harrow School, Rugby importance in the school programme. The whole programme of school either grows or remains sterile according to equipment, training and competence of the Headmaster. Everything in the school, Buildings, Furniture, Library, Laboratory, Methods & Techniques of Teaching, Co-curricular activities and human relationships bear the impact of the personality of the head and reflect his leadership.


The role of the Headmaster as a man is perhaps the most important. He is both human and human. He is also both trustful trustworthy. He should always carry a young heart.