Everything in this world is regular and appears in a particular order. Orderliness and a constant pace is the secret behind the eternity of this cosmos. On the basis of orderliness many philosophers and thinkers arrive on a conclusion that there is someone behind the scene who guides the whole universe in a particular way He cannot era because he is completely professional in his attitude.

He cannot act beyond what is preplanned. This professional attitude is in this manner that the preplanned orderliness can provide a path only but cannot interfere either in the contents of consequences or in the productivity of cause.

Therefore, professional attitude of cosmic order provides freedom of will to its organisms. We don’t have any concern with whether there is someone behind the scene or not. We have discussed all these to understand the importance of professional attitude in this life. The entire body is also similar to this world and, therefore, should be treated professionally for its orderliness and constancy in growth.

Professional attitude requires two things-how to treat and in which order. When a physical educator decides how to treat, he works for professional preparation; and when he wants to give a particular order to his teaching or to his students’ physical behaviour, he chooses to work on curriculum planning.


Development of Teacher Education in Physical Education

There are many individuals employed in schools and colleges to teach physical education. They are well trained and prepared for this purpose. The training and preparation of physical educators are provided by many certificate programmes in physical education. These programmes are designed to prepare individuals to teach physical education in schools and colleges.

Experiences in academic programs are devoted to developing individual’s understanding of knowledge construction, learning, pedagogy and responsible professional practice in the contest of education. The programmes should be arranged sequentially to help teacher candidates acquire and gradually refine the planning, instructional and interpersonal skills required to be “Physical Education teachers.

Conceptual Framework of Physical Teacher’s Education


The conceptual educational framework for various physical education qualifications is made to endow a physical educator with required professional skills. To understand the concept of teacher education in physical education we shall have to understand the following terms:

Critical Inquiry

Integrated through the programme, coursework, field experiences, and other activities are opportunities for students to engage in reflective practice and develop decision-making skills that integrate various forms of understanding. The central and guiding concept in understanding the relationship between theory and practice is the notion of critical inquiry.

Professional Practice


Professional practice requires continued professional growth and acceptance of responsibilities in situations where individuals can- (a) be activists for democratic reforms in educational settings, (b) be effective in contexts with diverse populations.