Physical and psychological consequences to over exercising


There are physical and psychological consequences to over exercising; some are listed below:


1. Stress fractures


2. Tendinitis

3. Damaged bones, joints, tendons and ligaments

4. Irregular menstruation

5. Osteoporosis


6. Amenorrhea

7. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

8. Malnutrition

9. Anemia


10. Dehydration

11. Fatigue

12. Insomnia Psychological:

13. Obsessive thoughts


14. Compulsive behaviors

15. Self worth measured only in terms of performance

16. Abandoned relationships

17. Damaged careers


18. Lower grades in school

19. Depression

20. Anxiety

21. Social isolation

How do I know if I have a problem with compulsive exercise? You can take this quiz by answering yes or no to the questions below to see if you may have a problem with overexercising.

1. Do you find that you regularly adjust your exercise according to how much you ate earlier or on the preceding day?

2. Are you concerned to terrify about being overweight?

3. Did your interest in exercise begin with a desire to lose weight?

4. Do you fear not exercising each day because you think you 11 gain weight?

5. Are you preoccupied with food and calories and calculate what you are allowed to eat each day according to how much time you can give to exercise?

6. Have you gone on eating binges where you feel you cannot stop?

7. Do you exercise an excessive amount after a binge?

8. Are you preoccupied with being thinner, and have a lower body mass/lean muscle ratio as elite athletes do?

9. Do you think about burning calories as you exercise?

10. Do you ever vomit, take laxatives, or diuretics after a meal or binge to feel thinner or to attempt to lose calories?

11. Do you feel virtuous when dieting, restricting your dietary intake, or exercising?

12. Do others tell you that you exercise too much?

If you can answer yes to six or more of these questions, your exercise behavior may be based in an eating disorder.

Dealing with Mid-Life Weight Issues

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