On what grounds the Legislative Councils are justified?


Indian Constitution grants forBicameral Parliamentary System in the Centre. The States can also have second house if they so desire, which is known as legislative council. In India only five states have bicameral state legislature viz. Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka and Jammu and Kashmir.

However Significance of second house is much debatable topic, it can be justified on following grounds.

(i) This house consist of senior and qualified personalities on concerned field. So their presence in state legislature brings merit in politics.


(ii) Its members are relatively much legs politicised and not much biased. So they are leas Partial.

(iii) This second house is permanent house. This brings stability in present day much dynamic politics.

(iv) I Can consider various aspects of the policy, which may not find time to discuss in popular house due to paucity of time.

Article 169 of the India Constitution deals with the abolition or creation of the legislative council. Parliament may create or abolish, depending upon the wish of the legislative assembly concerned. To pass such resolution, majority of the total membership of the Assembly and the majority of not less than two-third of the members present and voting is necessary.

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