Office work is mainly concerned with clerical work or paper work. But this is a very narrow view and is an old concept of office work. Now-a-days, office work has a very wide scope.

Office work is primarily concerned with making, preserving and using records. The records are concerned about purchasing, producing, selling, accounting and correspondence, inventories and written or printed memorandum of all kinds. These records are essential for an efficient and effective control of operation of the organization.

An office serves as the memory centre and control centre of an organization. The office performs many services like communication, reproduction, mechanical data, processing, procuring of stationery, furniture and equipment, secretarial assistance etc. to other departments in an organization.

Office is a unit where relevant records for the purpose of control, planning and efficient management of the organisation are prepared, handled and preserved. Office provides facilities for internal and external communication and co-ordinates activities of different departments of the organization. The purpose of an office is:


1. To preserve all the records of the business.

2. To handle incoming correspondence.

3. To plan the policies of the business and ensure their implementation.

4. To direct and co-ordinate the activities of the various departments, and


5. To maintain accounts, statutory and non-statutory books etc. of the business.