The school complex has the following advantages:

(i) The linking of secondary schools and primary schools under this programme can break the isolation. All the schools under the scheme can work together for the common good.

(ii) Selected school complexes can be used for trying out and evaluat­ing new text books, teachers, guides and leaching aids.

(iii) The ill-equipped primary schools can be provided certain facilities and equipment of impart instructions successfully.


(iv) The complex may be used as a unit for the introduction of better methods of evaluation and for regulating the promotion of children from class lo class or from one level of school to another.

(v) Belter library and laboratory facilities can be provided to the primary schools.

(vi) For the professional growth and development of teachers in-ser­vice training facilities can be provided.

Limitations of the School Complex

In spite of the great advantages the school complex has its limitations also. Rapid expansion of student enrolment at the primary stage of educa­tion, create difficulties in extending facilities available in the secondary schools to the primary schools al a particular complex. Secondly, if the dominant headmasters in any unit happen to be through —going educa­tional conservatives, the imaginative classroom teacher may face difficul­ties lo experiment dynamic ideas in the classroom. This is a great demerit of the system. Thirdly, the programme of in-service education, we have discussed, will also involve expenditure.


If the students of the primary schools are to be taught science in the high school laboratory during vocations, some payment will have to be made to the teachers concerned. if the scale of this expenditure will not be managed, then the system may not function. Even problems may arise out of linking together of schools. A large group may stand in the way of successful functioning of the school complex. Hence, it is wise to form small groups. It will facilitate belter lace to face human relationships.

In spite of the above limitations, the school complex has many more advantages as discussed earlier. Therefore, attempts must be made to remove these difficulties for planning education in a new direction.