Nine important roles played by family in imparting education


Among all the agencies of education home as the first and most vital agency of shaping the behavior of the child. The education starts from the mother. That is why mother is is the first teacher and home is the first school for child’s socialization. It is the oldest educational institution.

Home helps in providing various educational activities, information, and guidance to its family members since the inception of the society. The educational functions of the home are discussed in the following points.

Educational Functions of Home/Family

(1) Physical and motor development:


Home helps the child for its full physical growth and motor coordination through proper food, nutrition, health habits, exercise and immunization programmes.

(2) Face to face interaction:

It helps in providing different interactions for the development of child. Family members share their numerous experiences freely with the child, so it is called the first learning center for the child.

(3) Home provides complete social environment:


In home children learns how to eat, speak, dress, learn good habits, manner, etc. from the family members. He learns the lessons of social values and qualities in order to be a future responsible citizen. He learns how to adjust in his society.

(4) Home teaches citizenship and social virtues:

The child learns social and civic virtues through cooperation, mutual understanding, sympathy, self-sacrifice, service tendency. He also learns his civic duties and responsibilities for making of the nation.

(5) Home provides moral and religious education:


The child learns various moral and religious lessons from its family. Through prayer, moral teaching and family religions he imitate, what the other members do. So in this way the status of family transmits from one generation to other generation.

(6) Home provides vocational education:

Home helps in providing different vocational education, including parental vocational. He imbibes various skills and ways of his father’s trade, vocation, business for meeting the future demand and livelihood.

(7) Home helps in all-round development:


For all-round development of the child, it helps in guiding him. Home provides emotional and financial support to the child for its sound development. Therefore, it is a secure place for the expression of one’s full talent without any problem.

(8) Home helps in conservation and promotion of culture:

Home equips the child to conserve the important values, ideas of the home and to promote these through experiences.

(9) Home develops leadership quality:


Through personality development and inspiration of the family members child develops leadership quality from the family or home.

Therefore, family or home is the most important and effective agency of education. It is the basis and center of all social, political, moral, economic, physical, aesthetic, vocational, religious interaction in the society.

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