Muslim woman in India can seek divorce on the following grounds


Mutta is a system of temporary marriage, whereas marriage through nikah is a permanent marriage. A permanent marriage can be divorced. Under the Muslim law it is easy for a man to get divorce whereas woman finds it difficult to divorce her husband. Under the dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act 1939, a Muslim woman can seek divorce on following grounds:

1. When whereabouts of her husband are not known for long period of time.

2. When husband has failed to provide maintenance for a period of sufficiently long time.


3. If husband has been awarded a sentence running into years.

4. When husband is not performing his marital obligation for years together

5. If the husband is impotent.

6. If the husband has become insane.


7. If the husband suffering from leprosy or venereal disease.

8. If the husband is cruel.

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