51. The ability to effectively integrate the moments of the body parts is

(a) Agility (b) balance

(c) Co-ordination (d) speed.

52. Which of the following tests cannot measure coordination?


(a) Ball catches (b) Jump rope

(c) Vertical jump (d) Jumping jack.

53. Which of the following is not measured using film analysis and EMG analysis? (a) Agility (b) Balance

(c) Coordination (d) Speed.


54. The ability to make successive movements in different directions efficiently and rapidly refers to

(a) Agility (b) balance

(c) Co-ordination (d) power.

55. Which of the following tests is not a p of J. Johnson motor educability test?


(a) Back roll (b) Front roll (c) Vertical jump (d) Stagger jump,

56. Knox test is skill test for

(a) Hockey (b) basketball

(c) Volleyball (d) tennis.


57. The assignment of a number to express in quantitative terms the degree to which a pupil possesses a given characteristic is called

(a) Test (b) measurement

(c) Evaluation (d) none.

58. Chapman Ball Control test is used to test skills in


(a) hockey

(b) Basketball

(c) Hewitttest

(d) French short serve test.


59. The father of anthropometry is

(a) Boron Quetelet (b) Martens (c) Spielberger (d) Carron.

60. Optimal Arousal Theory of Anxiety was postulated by

(a) Clark Hull (b) Carron (c) Martens (d) Yuri Hania.

61. Which theory of anxiety suggests that stress and anxiety will influence performance and that each athlete will respond is a unique; way to competitive anxiety?

(a) Drive theory

(b) Inverted U-hypothesis

(c) Catastrophe theory

(d) Optimal arousal theory.

62. Which of the following tests is not a test for measuring anxiety?

(a) STAI (b) SCAT

(c) BIDR (d) CSAI.

63. Which of the following tests is used to measure aggression?

(a) SCAT

(b) BIDR

(c) GEQ questionnaire

(d) AMI.

64. Who is the President of I.A.A.F.?

(a) Primo Nebiolo

(b) U. Thant

(c) I. S. Bindra

(d) Juan Antonio Samaranch.

65. To which country does Primo Nebiolo, the I.A.A.F. president belongs?

(a) United States (b) Italy (c) France (d) Greece.

66. To which country does the current 110 m (H) world record holder, Colin Jackson belongs?

(a) Britain (b) Ukraine

(c) Australia (d) USA.

67. Which of the following cups/trophies is not related to football?

(a) Subroto Cup (b) World Cup (c) Durand Cup (d) Wills Cup.

68. India was the winner of Olympic Gold Medal in Hockey from

(a) 1920-1948 (b) 1928-1956 (c) 1896-1928 (d) 1956-1964.

69. India regained top position in hockey in which Olympics?

(a) 1996 (b) 1958

(c) 1964 (d) 1928.

70. What was ‘Dhyanchand’s’ rank in the army?

(a) Major General (b) Lieutenant (c) Captain (d) Lance Naik.

71. At what position ‘Dhyanchand’ used to play?

(a) Centre half (b) Centre forward (c) Full back (d) Goal keeper.

72. After how many years did India win the gold medal in Asian Games held at Bangkok?

(a) After 32 years (b) After 30 years (c) After 28 years (d) After 26 years.

73. Who was the first male sprinter to win US championship in 200 m and 400 m races at the same time, in 20th century?

(a) Michael Johnson

(b) ‘ Carl Lewis

(c) Calin Jackson

(d) Jesse Owens.

74. What was the nickname of Indian legend hockey player ‘Dhyanchand’?

(a) ‘Hockey Wizard’

(b) ‘Hockey Man’

(c) ‘Little Master’

(d) ‘Hockey Jockey’.

75. In which year was the first World Cup Hockey tournament held?

(a) 1970 (b) 1971

(c) 1972 (d) 1973.

76. At the time of inception, the World Cup Hockey tournament used to take place

(a) Once in three years

(b) Once in two years

(c) Twice a year

(d) Once in four years.

77. Which of the following countries has won the World Cup Hockey tournament for the maximum number of times?

(a) Holland (b) India

(c) Pakistan (d) England.

78. Which country is the birth place of Modem Hockey?

(a) India (b) China

(c) USA (d) England.

79. Which is the name of trophy awarded to the winners of National Men’s Champion­ship in Basketball?

(a) B. L. Gupta trophy

(b) Sulivan Cup

(c) Todd memorial Trophy

(d) None of the above.

80. Which trophy is awarded to Women’s National Basketball Champion?

(a) Uber Cup

(b) Thomas Cup

(c) Sulivan Cup

(d) Basalat Jab Trophy.

81. 1998 Asian Games were held in

(a) New Delhi (b) Bangkok

(c) Lahore (d) Beijing.

82. What was the old name of Common­wealth Games?

(a) The Empire games

(b) The British Empire games

(c) The British games

(d) None of the above.

83. In which of the following events in first Commonwealth Games, were women allowed to participate?

(a) Gymnastics (b) Bowling (c) Swimming (d) Table Tennis.

84. Who inaugurated the First Asian Games?

(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(b) Maharaja Patiala

(c) G. D. Sondhi

(d) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

85. Which country is coined as the cradle of chess?

(a) Japan (b) Malaysia

(c) China (d) India.

86. Who amongst the following has won the maximum national level titles?

(a) Nisha Millet

(b) Bhuvaneshwari Kumari

(c) Sebestian Xevier

(d) Aparna Popat.

87. In which country did the game of basketball originate?

(a) Russia (b) Japan

(c) USA (d) Canada.

88. In which year did the game of the basketball originate?

(a) 1896 (b) 1928

(c) 1892 (d) 1891.

89. Who invented the game of basketball?

(a) James Nai Smith

(b) W. A. Morgan

(c) C. A. Bucher

(d) Orbeteuffer.

90. In which year was the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna’ award instituted?

(a) 1990-91 (b) 1991-92

(c) 1992-93 (d) 1993-94.

91. Dronacharya Awards was constituted in the year

(a) 1983 (b) 1984

(c) 1985 (d) 1986.

92. The final recommendation for Arjuna Awards is given by

(a) Ministry of H. R. D.

(b) The Prime Minister of India

(c) State Government

(d) The President of India.

93. How many countries participated in the first Asian Games held in Delhi?

(a) 10 (b) 11

(c) 12. (d) 13.

94. Who was the first Asian to become member of I.O.C.?

(a) Pt. Jawahar Lai Nehru

(b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(c) Jigaro Kano

(d) Smt. Benajir Bhutto.

95. Handball academy is being established by S.A.I.L. at

(a) Bangalore (b) Manipur (c) Rourkela (d) Bhilai.

96. ‘Dead Ball’ is associated with

(a) Football (b) handball

(c) Hockey (d) cricket.

97. Witch of the following is the oldest sport in India?

(a) Wrestling (b) Judo

(c) Boxing (d) Atya Patya.

98. Which present day international sport originated in Kerala?

(a) Jud’o

(b) Karate

(c) Boxing

(d) Tae-kwando.

99. Juan Antonio Samaranch, the president of I.O.C. belongs to

(a) Japan (b) China

(c) Spain (d) USA.

100. Which of the following places does not have a sports college?

(a) Lucknow (b) Kolkata

(c) Jallandhar (d) Bangalore.

101. Which of the following is the largest stadium in India?

(a) Yuba Bharti Kridangan, Kolkata

(b) Jawahar Lai Nehru Stadium, Delhi

(c) National Stadium, Delhi

(d) Shivaji Stadium, Delhi.

102. Which of the following countries won maximum number of medals in the 16th Commonwealth games?

(a) Australia (b) England

(c) Canada (d) India.

103. How many gold medals did India win in the 16th Commonwealth games?

(a) 6 (b) 7

(c) 8 (d) 9.


51. (c) 52. (c) 53. (d) 54. (a) 55. (c) 56. (b) 57 (b) 58. (a) 59. (a) 60. (d) 61. (c) 62. (c) 63. (b) 64 (a) 65. (b) 66. (a) 67. (b) 68. (b) 69. (c) 70. (c)71. (b) 72. (a) 73. (a) 74. (a) 75. (b) 76. (b) 77. (c) 78 (d) 79. (c) 80. (d) 81. (b) 82. (d) 83. (c) 84. (xx) 85. (b) 86. (b) 87. (c) 88. (d) 89. (a) 90. (d) 91. (c) 92. (d) 93. (b) 94. (c) 95. (d) 96. (d) 97. (a) 98. (b) 99. (c) 100. (d) 101. (a) 102. (a) 103. (b)