The mankind faces an enormous challenge. The pattern of development which humanity has been following, the greedy ways of modern society have resulted in massive degeneration of natural resources and pollution of the environment which threaten to destroy the vital life support system on our planet. It is not that the entire humanity has prospered by the exploitation of resources.

Two third of world’s population still lives in shabby hutments, in want, in misery and unhygenic conditions. In order to improve the lot of world’s poor under-developed citizens, on one hand, we have to accelerate economic development which alone can build up our capacity to protect the environment. On the other hand, this development should be conservation linked development or sustainable development.

Basic Objectives of Environmental Management :

No one can argue against the desirability of sustainable development, a development which provides for the legitimate needs of present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The basic objectives of management of all types of environmental problems should, therefore, be:


1. To provide for the legitimate needs of all people of the present generation and to bring them to a reasonable standard of life.

2. To manage economic development in such a way as to inhance and widen our resource base so that the ability of our future generations, which is likely to be more numerous than we are, to meet their own needs is not compromised.

3. To protect and preserve the environmental quality for the present and future generations of mankind.

No doubt these objectives are not easy to attain. It shall require all of the man’s skill, ingenuity, efforts and above all his willingness to share resources, means and products of development.