How to give supplementary feeding to children?


While introducing new foods to infant’s diet, the following points should be kept in mind:

1. Introduce one food at a time. The second food should be introduced only when the infant gets used to the first food.

2. Serve only as much food to the child which he may eat easily. Do not force him to eat.


3. If the child does not accept new food, try it when he is hungry.

4. If the child dislikes a particular food, try it again by changing its form.

5. Introduce different foods to the child so that he may be able to accept those foods later on.

6. Do not give rich and spicy food to the child.


7. Give sufficient amount of liquids to the child along with the supplementary foods.

8. Give boiled, baked, or steamed food to the child.

9. Utensils used by the infant should be neat and clean.

We can give nutritional diet to an infant on the basis of above stated facts. For exam­ple, a day’s diet for a six months-old infant is given on page 249.

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