Research Process:

There are different types of procedures through which we can collect the data. Every tool of research has, both, advantages and disadvantages. When the researcher goes on collecting data at the outset he studies the situation and applies which one of the techniques of research will be more applicable in collecting data. Hence these tools of research vary from informal observations to formal standardised tests and from a schedule of oral questions to written responses.

According to J.C. Aggarwal, the tools of research have been classified into:

1. Inquiry Forms:


(a) Questionnaire

(b) Schedule

(c) Check List

(d) Rating Scale


(e) Score Card

(f) Attitude Scale

2. Observation:

3. Interview


4. Sociometry

5. Psychological Test:

(a) Achievement Test

(b) Aptitude Test


(c) Intelligence Test.

(d) Interest Inventory

(e) Personality Measures.