India exploded its first nuclear divorce in 1974 in Pokhran. Since then, India has achieved many milestone successes in its nuclear programme. The first demonstration of India’s nuclear capacity in 1974 was a surprise for the world and jealousy for some countries but India has always emphasized its use for peaceful development.

In last two and a half decade, India & nuclear programme has maturely developed on both civil and military fronts’

However India started its nuclear programme since 1950s when it established the Bhabha Atomic Research centre (BARC) Tomboy a heavy water moderated reactor virus with capacity of 40MW purchased from Canada. India purchased Heavy water from the U.S.A. starting from that first step now has come long way by indigenous development of Duruva reactor.

Today India has operating reactors at Tarapur, Rajasthan, Kalpakkam, Narora, Kakarapar and Kaiga.


All these technologies and facilities in the nuclear field developed by India contribute to its development in both economic and defence fields. In economical fields, this technological development has held to electricity production, medical treatment, research in agriculture, preparation of nuclear medicines, food preservation etc.

In all these spheres the nuclear programme has immensely contributed.

In defence field, India follows the policy of “no first use of nuclear weapons” and though

India has not declared, but India is capable of developing nuclear weapon at any time so even in the defense. Requirements, the nuclear programme satisfies great need of India development and security concern respectively.