Get complete information on the Basic features of Industrial Society


1. Complex form of division of labour. Rests mainly on differentiation

2. System of stratification is not rigid.

3. There is more mobility in the system of stratification.


4. Society is generally hierarchically arranged in bureaucratic way.

5. In industrial society, the technological processes of production are very complex, but the distribution process is relatively simple as it depends mainly upon the market principle.

6. In Industrial society sport also has become a means of work and wage earning, e.g., Cricket, Football and Tennis. The players earn their living providing a spectacle to the crowd. Others are willing to pay for their playing. Thus employment or self employment is the main arena of work. People’s leisure activities are also related to it.

7. In industrial societies appreciable headway has been made on employment of women. Since the concept of two incomes has gained popularity, it raises the standard of living.

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