Get complete information on other Devices of Poetry


1. Rhyme:

The word reserved for rhymes occurring at the end of lines.

To the seas and the streams


In their noonday dreams

Masculine Rhyme:

The rhyme ends with accented syllables.

She tried and tried in vain


Literary Theory and Criticism

To bring that ease from pain…

Feminine Rhyme:

A rhyme in two syllables, the first of which as accented, sweater-letter


Rhymes add music to the lines and are a source of pleasure for the reader if the poet does not resort to misuse. The major fault is found in hackneyed rhymes, ones that have been much over-used

bright -light flower-hour gold -old

2. Poetic language:

The fashion has long since come and gone, but many writers don’t seem to be aware of this change in styles. They still insist on using old-fashioned words that were once considered elegant and poetic. Some such words are


Open for open oft for often yclept (called)

Sometimes in the Literature Test one of the choices offered for the missing line of poetry can be eliminated because it relies on these words whereas the other three choices use more modern, direct words.

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