Get complete information on Livestock Insurance


Livestock insurance refers mainly to the insurance of horses and cattle. Since cattle insurance is discussed later in this section, we shall confine our discussion here to the insurance of horses alone.

A proposal form together with a report from a qualified veterinary surgeon on the form drawn up by the insurers is always insisted upon to minimise the difficulty of identification; each horse must be adequately described giving color, all natural markings and age.

All horses of a particular type owned by the proposer must be insured, so as to eliminate the possibility of the proposer making a selection against the insurers.


The policy provides indemnity against the loss of a horse by death resulting either from accident or a disease specified in the policy, including the destruction of the animal on human grounds arising from an accident or disease.

Exclusions :

Deaths of the animal, arising out of the following, are excluded:

1. War and allied risks, strikes, riot and civil commotion;


2. Slaughter of the animal without prior consent of the insurers;

3. Fire, lighting, seagoing transit, surgical operations, breeding and loss occasioned by the animal becoming unfit or incapable of fulfilling the functions for which it is kept or employed.

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