Get complete information on Liability Insurance


Liability insurance includes doctors, composite package insurance; lift insurance, public and product liability.

(i) Doctors’ Composite Package Insurance:

The doctors’ composite package insurance policy is devised to meet the insurance requirements of the doctors through a single composite package policy.


There are seven coverage under this policy viz., fire and allied perils including burglary, house breaking, theft; fidelity guarantee insurance for cashier/compounder/any other authorised employee; money-in-transit by self / cashier / compounder/any other authorised employee; loss or damage to doctor’s kit by fire, theft accident during visits within municipal city limits; all risks for ECG and other electronic machines and such other equipment pertaining to doctor’s profession; signboard and doctor’s professional indemnity.

The coverage of fire and burglary is compulsory. More than two covers will entitle the proposer to a special discount of 15 per cent maximum.

(ii) Lift Insurance:

The lift insurance is liability insurance against for compensation of any accidental death or bodily injury sustained by any person whilst in the lift. The premium is Rs. 200 for Rs. 1, 00,000 and Rs. 700 for Rs. 5, 00,000.


(iii) Product and Public Liability:

A market agreement on product and public liability with standardised terms and conditions and scientific premium rating structure has been brought into force from January 1, 1988.

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