Following measures may be noted for the Control of Consumption


There are many items of stationery which can be put into personal use. It is also found that clerks have a tendency to overstock items. Under these circumstances the following measures may be noted:

1. The responsibility of proper use must be with the person, who signs the requisition.

2. Department wise cost of the stationery consumed be maintained and comparison may be made with other departments.


3. Small items of stationery may be kept packed in small quantities, e.g., clips, pins, rubber bands, tags, etc.

4. Requisition slip will be accepted for issue on confirmation that the issued stationery has been exhausted.

It is also seen that in some cases the store-keeper is empowered to cut down the quantities mentioned in requisition slip if he feels so. In every case it may not be possible, because sometimes the requisition slip may be signed by high officials and the store-keeper may be below their rank.

Therefore, there will be a separate official to see to such work, and he will control the issue of stationery and watch over the consumption. Store-keeper or purchasing officer must take proper care in purchasing standard stationery. Overstocking will reduce the value-by drying out, by changing colour, by shrinkage, by change of fashion, etc.


5. two-colour typewriter, ribbons, (half black and half red) may be issued to every third or fourth machine. When the typewriter fitted with the two-colour ribbon is needed, it can be put into use because the black of the ribbon will wear out earlier than the red half.

6. Before issuing the items, the store-keeper makes sure of the purpose for which they are needed, so that he can issue proper article, which can be put to right use.

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