Following lesson-observation guide for the critical observation of the lesson


In the right of the above practical hints for teaching, we hereby give the following lesson-observation guide for the critical observation of the lesson:

(a) Lesson Plan

(i) Is the lesson plan well-prepared?


(ii) Is it free from all types of mistakes?

(iii) Is it followed rigidly?

(iv) Is there any departure from the plan? If so, to what effect?

(v) Is the subject-matter suitable and adequate ?


(vi) Is it divided into suitable units?

(b) Objectives

(i) Are the general and specific objectives clear to the teacher? (ii) How far has the teacher been successful in achieving these objectives?

(c) Introduction or Motivation


(i) Is the lesson associated with the previous knowledge or experiences of the pupils?

(ii) Is the introduction relevant?

(iii)How far does it prove effective?

(iv) Are the students motivated?


(v) Does it lead straight to the lesson?

(d) Announcement of Aim

. (i) Is it announced at the proper time? (ii) Is it announced in a natural ways?

(iii)Is the language used clear and simple?


(iv) Is it also written on the black-board?

(e) Preparation

(i) Is the subject-matter presented in a systematic way? (ii) What is the participation of the pupils in the development of the lesson?

(iii)Is the teacher making effective use of black-board?

(iv) How are the other aids and devices uses?

(v) Is the method of teaching appropriate?

(vi) Does it evoke satisfactory response from the students?

(vii) Can improvement in the method of teaching be made?

(viii) What type of questions are put and in what way?

(ix) Does the teacher encourage students to ask questions?

(x) Does he try to clarify their doubts?

(xi) Does he pay individual attention to the various pupils?

(xii) What is the type of language used by the teacher?

Does the teacher correlate the lesson with life, crafts or the subjects?

Do the pupils seem to understand what was being taught?

(xv) Is the teacher careful about the pupil’s comprehension of the subject-matter?

(.xvi) Are the pupils led to think for themselves?

(xvii) How does the teacher deal with the responses of the pupils?

(xviii) To what extent does the teacher impress the students?

(xix) Does the teacher check the work of the pupils?

(xx) Does he help the pupils to make generalizations themselves?

(f) Application or Recapitulation

(i) Is the application or recapitulation done at the proper time?

(ii) Is it done with the help of the pupils or by the teacher alone?

(g) Home work

(i) What type of home work is given to the pupils?

(ii) Is it based on the lesson just taught?

(Hi) Whether or not is it according to the standard of the pupils?

(iv) Is it free from overloading and repetition?

(h) About the Teacher

(i) What is the effect of the teacher’s general appearance?

(ii) Is he making appropriate movements and gestures?

(iii) Is he teaching with confidence?

(iv) Does he face the students for most of the time?

(v) What is his attitude towards the students?

(vi) How far does the teacher exercise control over the language?

(vii) Whether or not is his voice audible to all the students?

(viii) Is he fully prepared for the lesson?

(ix) Is he teaching enthusiastically?

(x) Is he resourceful? Did he show his originality anywhere?

(i) Miscellaneous

(i) Is the lesson finished in time?

(ii) Is the class control and management effective?

(iii) Is the interest of the students maintained throughout the lesson?

(iv) Does they feel relieved at the end of the period?

(v) What is the overall effect of the lesson on the class?

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