Essay on the Views of National Policy on Education


Regarding the status and functions of State Advisory Boards of Education, it has been observed in the National Policy on Education (Programme of Action) that “the State governments will consider creating a frame-work for integrating all the activities concerned with human resource development through the State Advisory Board of Education which will perform as an umbrella organisation for this purpose”.

The programme of Action (POA) is of the view that the SABE should be broad-based, thus giving representation to educationists of national standing, who is actively involved in the educational main stream. It is their experience and vision which will serve as the main anchor for educational planning and experimentation. Besides, the Board should provide representation to planners, scientists, industrialists, women, social workers, NGOs, other voluntary organisations and trade unions. It is their participatory role which will lend credibility to the working of each State Advisory Board of Education.

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