Science Education in India

Today’s period is a modern period in which every human being seems to be participated in a race in which he considers other persons his opponent and tries to win the race at any cost. Everyone wants to get maximum development in his life and such kind of tendency can also be found on international level.

Today, various nations of the world are seem to be in race in which they try to prove themselves superior to other nations in the field of level of development. The countries or nations where science and technology have developed to considerable extent are generally known as developed nations, while the nations where still these areas in unsatisfactory conditions, they are regarded as developing or underdeveloped countries.

There are various reasons which contribute in keeping such developing or underdeveloped nations in their sorry states. Although there are various problems which play a considerable role in proving all the steps taken by government or non-government organisations to develop the nation, out of which uncontrollable population and poverty are the main ones.


As it is not possible to put an end on the rate of growth and poverty over-night, it is possible to find out some mean or way by which ill-effects of these factors can be put under control. Such an important tool and means is the education, with the help of which some control can be put on such problems to some or considerable extent.

In checking these problems, science education plays a very important role, as the root cause of such problems is that people have narrow mind perspective and they even still believe the existence of some divine power in occurrence of various natural calamities.

As said in the earlier chapters that through science education, outlook and perspective of students get open- minded, as a result of which, their way of thinking becomes more practical and logical. With the help of such behavioural changes, they begin to understand the fact that there exist cause and effect relationships in between all the phenomenon and all the incidences take place because of some specified cause.

The ability of students to understand and to reveal the truth in all the matters get developed and they begin to analyse all the facts on logical basis.


They begin to understand that they can play an effective role in bringing a check on the growth rate and as their efficiency level gets developed as a result of scientific facts and ideas, thus, they get indulged in technologically advanced areas, as a result of which they get more monetary gains within short period of time.

Thus, through education, and specially through science education, problems like poverty and mass explosion in population can be controlled to considerable extent by which various evils found in the society can be curb out.

As known that India has a rich culture and civilization and it is not possible to discuss the historical background of any area without dividing the time into different periods. For purpose of discussing history of Science Education in India, whole time period has been divided into three categories, namely, Medieval Period, Post-Independence Period and Modern Period.

Although today in our nation, various kinds of developments have taken place in the area of science, but to analyse whether they have taken place on satisfactory level or not, it is necessary to analyse the situation or position of science that existed during ancient or medieval period, mention.