A teacher is the vital component in teaching-learning process. Before identifying the teacher as a leader in the instructional process, we have to understand the process of classroom interaction. According to N.P.E. 1986, “No system of education can rise higher than its teachers. The SEC (1952-53) has stated. We are convinced that the most important factor in the contemplated educational reconstruction is the teacher. The teacher has three main activities in the classroom viz. pre-active, interactive and post – active functions.

Pre-active functions are performed before going to the classroom are:

(i) Planning curricular and co-curricular programmes.

(ii) Organizing programmes.


(iii) Selecting appropriate strategy of teaching.

(iv) Preparing lesson plan, assignments and teaching aids.

In the interactive phase the functions of a teacher are:

(i) Creating an appropriate classroom climate for better learning.


(ii) Explaining, illustrating and questioning.

(iii) Providing motivation and positive reinforcement.

(iv) Getting feedback from students.

(v) Evaluating students’ learning.


In the post-active phase the functions of a teacher are:

(i) Supervision and guidance.

(ii) Communicating with parents.

(iii) Maintenance of cumulative records.


(iv) Preparation of evaluation reports/progress reports.

(v) Organization of tutorial classes.

(vi) Maintaining inter-personal relations.