Steps of Conducting Evaluation of Educational Technology:

These are as follows:

(i) Objectives of Evaluation of Educational Technology:

While conducting evaluation studies we must be clear about the purpose of evaluation. For example, if we are interested in judging the effectiveness of the use of lecture method or OHP, we must state it at the initial stages of evaluation.


(ii) Specification of Criteria of Evaluation:

In the context of judgement oriented evaluation, we must state the criteria against which effectiveness can be measured. There can be several criteria viz.:

(a) Expected Achievement of Learners:

At the end of the programme; gain of post programme achievement over pre-programme achievement; comparison of achievement of the group exposed to Educational Technology with that of group not exposed to Educational Technology etc.


(b) Attitude of Learners:

For instance, we want to develop certain attitude of learners through the use of Educational Technology in instructional system. Whether such attitude has been developed or not as an outcome of Educational Technology can indicate its effectiveness.

(c) Positive Reaction of Users:

Positive reaction of learners, teachers, parents, experts about the use of Educational Technology can indicate success of Educational Technology.


(d) Cost Effectiveness:

This is one of the significant criteria of judgement of efficiency of Educational Technology. Whether within the stipulated time frame the Educational Technology has been used with lesser cost in comparison to others. Educational Technology can indicate efficiency of Educational Technology. Educational Technology may achieve the goals. However, Educational Technology requiring comparatively more time and higher cost may not be treated efficiently.

(iii) List of Data to be gathered:

We list down the kinds of information to be gathered for evaluation in the context of a specific objective. For example, with regard to the objective of study of effectiveness in terms of gain score in achievement will demand pre-test and post-test achievement scores.


(iv) Identification of Tools:

We identify different kinds of tools for data collection suited to the requirement of our objectives. Different tools like Achievement tests, Attitude scale, Reaction scale, Questionnaires, Interview schedule, Observation schedule and Performa are used for evaluation. We may identify readymade tools or we may develop tools on our own for data collection.

(v) Data Collection:

Data collection may be linked with the process of the use of Educational Technology or it may be done at the end of the project. It depends on the type of evaluation i.e., process based or product based study.


(vi) Analysis and Interpretation of Data:

Different procedures like descriptive statistical techniques, percentages and graphics are used for the analysis of data. In case of specific designs other specific statistics can be used for the analysis of data.

(vii) Reporting:

The evaluation study should be reported systematically to help us in further reference and decision-making.