Essay on the Electronics Commission and Department of Electronics of India


Electronics Commission and Department of Electronics

An Electronic Commission have been set up by- Indian government as a result of which, role played by electronic development in the fields of research, industry and technology has been given due recognition and consideration. Another important step in this direction is establishment of Department of Electronics by Indian government which is charged with responsibility of promoting the electronics industries in the nation and also to encourage people to participate in research works.

Department of Electronics and its various agencies provide different kinds of financial assistance to different institutions engaged in research functions. Some active centres have been established in different parts of the nation with the aim of developing indigenous computer capability for the hardware and software.


From the above discussion it is clear that various steps have been taken by Indian government to improve the condition of science in the nation. Various institutions and private research establishments have been come into existence in the nation in which a large number of students are being engaged in the works of scientific research.

The fact that now our nation is getting engaged in a broad spectrum of scientific research to greater extent can be prove by the fact that amount of expenditure conducted for this purpose was much less in the early years in comparison to present time. Today, scientific research functions has not remained very simple in nature and for them, a huge amount of money is also required.

As interest in scientific research function is getting developed to considerable extent and resources required for research functions are also getting developed with greater pace, it is predicted that rate of scientific growth of not only developed countries will boost up, but such development will also be evidence in case of developing nations like ours.

Today, in our nation, field of science has become involved with defence and big industries to considerable extent as a result of which, big science has given more consideration only in developed nations of the world. We are still at the mercy of super powerful nations for science in areas of nuclear, space and computer.


It is necessary to bring about various kinds of changes in science curriculum from school stage if we want to be self-sufficient in the field of science. For this purpose, not only emphasis should be laid on the teaching science, but due importance should be laid on making use of scientific methods for this purpose.

Students should not be taught only science contents, but information regarding science processes should be imparted to them. It should be told to the students that how scientists advance their knowledge and solve various kinds of problems. It is necessary to present science as a way in which they can conduct and inquiry into the nature of things as well as a body of information which is being built up by people living in different parts of the world.

In our nation, even still, science processes are being neglected and kind of science education which is being imparted in schools has been concerned almost exclusively with the content body of information. It should be realised by the educationists or the teachers that science is not just content, but it is mixture of content and scientific processes.

To attain significant development in the field of science, it is necessary to give proper consideration to scientific processes, science contents. Not only this, proper encouragement should be provided to the students by, which they can get personally involved in solving various kinds of problems with scientific methods and discover some scientific principles on their own.


To provide quality education in the schools, Indian government has set up various organisations. An apex organisation of this kind is NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training. This organisation has been established by Indian government with the aim of providing assistance and advice to central and state governments on academic matters which are concerned with quality of school education.

Various kinds of academic and technical kind of support is being provided by this organisation for bringing various kinds of improvements in the school education. For this purpose, various constituent institutions of this organisations have been established, one of an important of which is National Institute of Education.

This institution carries out various kinds of research and development functions which are being related to pedagogical aspects of curriculum. Prototype curricular and other supplementary instructional materials are being prepared by this institution. Various kinds of experimental functions in different stages of schools are being carried out by this institution. Provision for imparting training to personnel or teachers associated with implementation of centrally sponsored school improvement schemes is also made in this institution.

There are various field offices of NCERT, mostly of which are being located in state capitals. The main purpose of such offices is to carry out educational liasoning with Department of Education and other related institutions concerning various problems and issues of school education.


Ah important function of this organisation is to conduct various kinds of developmental activities in school education. Major development activities conducted by this organisation include developing and renewing school curricula and providing instructional materials for various levels of school education.

This institution not only provides necessary material for school education, but makes various kinds of adjustments in them also so that students can get maximum advantage by making use of them. There are various innovative developmental activities in which this organisation is indulged.

For instance, development of curricula and instructional materials in school education in the area of pre-school education, formal and non-formal education and providing training to teachers are some of such kinds of functions. In the domains of educational technology, population education and education of the disabled persons, various kinds of developmental activities are also undertaken by this organisation.

To ensure quality education in schools, an important service is being provided by this organisation, which is pre-service and in-service training of teachers at various levels. For this, training to teachers of pre- primary level, elementary level, secondary level, higher level and to vocational educators is also provided.


An important responsibility with which NCERT is entrusted is publication and dissemination of text books for the students of various standards. Workbooks, teacher’s guides, supplementary readers and research reports are being brought out by this organisation. Instructional materials for the use of teacher educators, teacher trainees and in service teachers are also published by this institution. In various agencies located in states and union territories, these instructional materials serve as important models. These are made available to various state level agencies for adopting and for adaptation purposes.

There are six journals which are being published by this institution for the purpose of dissemination of educational information in the nation. These journals carry important information for teachers imparting education at different levels. These are published in Hindi and English languages.

To discuss specific kind of problems getting arise in educational area, NCERT gets interacted with various international organisations. Another important aim of such interaction is to make provision for the trained personnel engaged in educational area in the nation.

This institution has been offering training facilities to educational workers of other nations also. For this purpose, various attachment programmes are being designed. For implementing the Bilateral Cultural Exchange Programmes entered into by the Indian government with the governments of other nations in the field of school education and teacher education,

NCERT plays an important role. It sends delegations to study specific educational problems which are found to be significant in our nation and it also arranges training for scholars from various nations of the world. This organisation exchanges educational materials with various other nations. Various faculty members are deputed to participate in conferences, seminars and workshops conducted on international levels.

Thus, it can be said that inspite of various steps taken by Indian government level of science education is still non-satisfactory in our nation. However, government is still taking various important steps for bringing about improvements in this area, as without it, our nation cannot get entered into global market, which is an important condition for development of the nation.

Through establishing institutions like NCERT government of India has ensured that quality education will be provided in the schools as a result of which, educational basis of the students will get strong on which super structure of scientifically advanced career can be built successfully and easily.

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