School management is an important aspect in running the school smoothly. Since school is a mini society/sub-society it needs a special management technique. School does not consist only students; there are other staff and person’s ministerial staffs, workers to maintain buildings, parents, medical aid, furniture, and question of dealing with problem in school administration and management. Principal is the head and with the help of teacher he manages the school.

School management process is well established activity. Certain rules and regulations exist to be followed by the school. Principal allots the subjects to the teachers as per their capabilities, such as cultural activities. Housing, Boys-fund, Parent-Teachers Association, clubs, medical, co-curricular activities in the school discipline cannot be maintained only with the students. It needs a good time-table and activities of the school which are being held by Heads.

School has different activities and problems related to several areas. Quick Decision and logical decision is for the administration and management of the school. A definite process should be adopted for taking this decision i.e. consultation, proposal, discussion, suggestions, implementation of the decision etc. A committee may be formed to look after the schools. Public school has their non-management body and managers for the school.

Brain-storming process is strategy which may be defined as the capacity to adjust thinking to new requirements and mental adaptability to new problems related to the school management. It can be known as intelligence and tendency to take and maintain a definite demonstration to make adaptations for purpose of attaining a desired end. It is the ability to make profitable use of past to adjust in new situations. It is child-centred democratic strategy.


Educational technology is being developed these days for the better management of the school. It is an applied or practical study which aims at maximising educational effect by controlling such relevant fact as; educational method, environment, behaviour conduct and interrelation between students, instructions and application of scientific and technical process to the learning and smooth management.

A teacher is also related with the management of the school. He takes part in the managerial activities of the school and has an important role in die management of the school. Actually he is a manager who assists the administration/Principal of the school in running the school. The so-called manager use to sit in the office and quite unaware of the school environment, staff office and does not coordinate activities of the school.

“If a nation’s teachers are C3 the nation itself cannot but be C3. And let there be no doubt about this. If we wish to be an A3 nation, our teachers will have to be Al”? Writes Dr. E.A. Pires they are literally the arbiters of a nation’s destiny. It may sound a truism, but still it needs to be stressed that the teacher-is the key to any educational reconstruction. The teacher is the real maker of history, writes H.G. Wells. John Adams describes the teacher as a maker of man. He is the torch bearer of the race and guardian of the future of mankind. He is essentially a nation-builder. He is the key man on who depends the future of the child and the mankind.

He plays an important role in shaping and moulding the personality of a child. Good teachers cost more but poor teachers most. As an incompetent doctor is dangerous for the physical welfare of the people, so an incompetent teacher is much more dangerous to the nation, since his mains or injures the personalities of the children and sound syllabus will serve any useful purpose unless there are teachers who are fully alive to the mobility of the profession and its accompanying responsibilities.


The teachers play an important role in shaping and moulding the habits, tests, manners and above all the character of the students. We are convinced that the most important factor in the contemplated educational reconstruction is the teacher his personal qualities, his educational qualifications, his professional training and the place that he occupies in the school as well as in the community. The reputation of a school and its influence on die life of die community invariably depends on the kind of teachers working in it. His profession is very noble.

Important functions of the teacher:

1. Character development

2. Curriculum development and implementation


3. Effective teaching-learning

4. Adjusting individual differences

5. Classroom management

6. Evaluating pupil performance


7. Developing human relationship

8. Professional growth and ethics

9. Maintaining records.