Science is a systematic and precise body of knowledge in a particular field of the world. It seeks to discover the general laws regulating the phenomena in that field through observation and experiments. As per this definition, education must be taken as a science since it is a systematic body of knowledge accumulated through ages by observation and experiments. It has its own theories and laws for arrangement and organization of educational activities. Education has been developed as a science during these recent years.

Similarly, art is used in two senses (i) one for producing something beautiful, e.g., singing, dancing, painting and (ii) another for applying knowledge in realizing some useful ends, e.g. surgery, engineering. As per this meaning, education should be regarded as an art since it attempts to make human activities beautiful and meaningful. It utilizes the knowledge and techniques of its own and other disciplines like psychology, economics, philosophy and so on.

The latest trend “educational technology” consists of all media, methods and materials being utilized for optimum development of education. That is, results of different sciences are being utilized in education for the growth and development of the individual as well as the society.

On the whole, education may be regarded both as a science and an art since it consists of theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills derived through various artistic and scientific methods and aims at achieving desired objectives by applying them in human behaviour and practices.