Do you agree with the view that Israel is a ‘Natural ally’ of India?


Get the answer of: “Do you agree with the view that Israel is a ‘Natural ally’ of India?”

The relationship shared by India-Israel is strong but keeps very low key. Both the democracies are common targets of international terrorism. India and Israel’s relationship have often been made controversial because of the US factor.

Owing to the escalation of military intervention of Pakistan in Kashmir, the collapse of Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War eventuated India’s decision to formalize India’s relations with Israel. The 1993 Oslo Рeасе Accord between Israel & Palestinians motivated India further to fully embrace Israel as a partner. India established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992. In 1992, India & Israel opened their respective embassies.


Former Israel Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon’s 2003 trip to India was a pivotal moment and the visit ended with the two nations issuing the Delhi Statement on friendship and cooperation. Since 1999, India’s Ministry of External Affairs and Israel’s Foreign Ministry have held annual bilateral consultations in Jerusalem & New Delhi, in addition to having periodic discussions on counter-terrorism.

Israel is also a rich supplier of sophisticated weapons and military equipment. Israel’s technological advances in the fields of satellites, satellite imagery, missiles, rockets & nuclear fields are appreciable. Most of them being indigenous developments, they can be a source of advanced technology for India.

Indian expertise in information technology may also be a source of Indo-Israel cooperation as Israel’s technological advancements may be used by India in reviving agriculture sector.

The Israel-Indian connection in commercial, military and space intelligence fields is good for both countries and for the United States. The increasing cooperation between the two easily labels them as ‘natural allies’.

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