DIET means District Institute of Education and Training. National Policy on Education has suggested an overhaul of teacher education as the first step towards national organisation. It has suggested Strengthening of teacher training institutions at the district level and giving them the role of identifying and responding to the teacher training requirements of the area of their coverage.

The DIETs have been opened at district level in all States. The functions of these institutes may be described as under:

(i) To organise pre-service courses for elementary school teachers. They are trained to teach primary and middle classes.

(ii) To organise in-service training for elementary teachers. There are short-term training programmes such as workshops, refresher courses, seminars etc. for elementary teachers.


(iii) To review curriculum and learning materials. One of the wings of the DIET deals with curriculum and learning materials for elementary teachers

(iv) To train teachers in non-formal centres. Non-formal centres have been opened to educate drop-outs in the age group 6- 14 years; the teachers are educated to do their job well.

(v) To look after the material equipment in the elementary schools, Most of the elementary schools are short of needed learning materials.

(vi)To promote literacy programmes. DIETs adopt certain blocks in a district and undertake programmes for adult literacy.


(vii) To organise research programmes to improve the quality of education in elementary schools. (viii) To develop competency in the universalization of elementary education (UEE).

(ix) To work for early childhood care and education (ECCE).

(x) To pay special attention to girls’ education in the age group 6-14.

(xi) To improve evaluation procedures for elementary education.