Curricular Activities and National Integration


Programmes and activities of this nature include celebration of national festivals and days damages, educational tours, participation in the NCC, Scout Guides Camps, participation in debating competition and so on. Audio-visual instruments should be used for displaying films having educational value from the view point of national Integration. Activities of this nature will promote the feeling of national integration apart from which good and healthy citizenship will also be nurtured.

Teaching Social Studies at all Level.

Social studies will acquaint the student with various aspect of our national life, give him insight into the historical and culture background of the country. The realization that we all have a common history will strengthen the sense of unity.


Language and Scripts

Both English and Hindi should be taught at the University level. Hindi should generally be written only in the Devanagari scripts. Permission should be given for the use of the Roman as well as the local scripts for the promotion of Hindi. Only the international numerals should be used.


Scholarship should be granted to students on the basis of their merit and economic condition.


Inter-state tours by students should be properly organized and each state should encourage such tours

Exchange of University Teachers

At regular intervals renowned teachers of Universities should be sent to deliver lectures in other Universities.

An All India Youth Council


An All India Youth Council should be established in order to harmonise youth programmes all over the country.

All India Awards

There should be national level competitions and All India Awards for essay, suggestions and recommendations offered K students on the subjects of interest and utility for the various states as well as the nation as a whole.

Text Books


The Text Books used in schools should be rewritten for the purpose of fulfilling the aim of national integration. Apart from this, there are some other recommendations regarding improvements in the economic condition of teachers, improvement in ability and efficiency of teachers, publication of suitable books etc. for promoting national integration through the medium of education.

Measures Suggested by the Education Commission (1964-66)

The most important provision of this Commission was that- it accepted social and national integration one of the major objectives of education.

The following points are worthy to mention:

  • Introduction of common School system for public education.
  • Making social and national service a compulsory part of education at every level.
  • Promoting the teaching of all modern Indian languages.
  • Helping in the growth of Hindi to ensure its use as the national languages.
  • Giving encouragement to national consciousness.


Role Teacher

Teachers are required to play a key role in promoting and preserving the national unity and unless they are infused with the spirit of patriotism, secularism and democracy, they cannot motivate students to work for a united mother land. Teachers themselves must keep distance from narrow communalism, parochialism, casteism, linguism and other partisan activities. They should be committed to promote national integration and set models to be emulated by the students.


Education is powerful means to bind the people in the tie of friendship and brotherhood. But it will be powerless when people will unable to extend their co-operation for its smooth working. Introduction of several courses or topics in school is not sufficient to orient the students towards national integration; there should be same attitude and behaviour in home and other places by Parents, guardian for fostering the sense of love, fellow feeling, unity and integrity among the students.

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