Considerable Factors for Making a Time-table

Following factors are to be considered in the construction of time-table:

1. The Very Foundation of Education: Education is that activity which influences behaviour and personality. By encouraging development of the child’s abilities, physical education and sport constitute the very foundation of education, a veritable schooling for life in society.

2. Principle of Unity and Parity: Instead of the mind body dichotomy it would seem preferable to adopt the principle of unity and parity.


3. Psycho-Physical Awareness: It is desirable in any case that in the first instance children and especially adolescents should be helped to gain awareness of their bodies and psycho-physical unity of their being, because physical learning is not only physical activity, but also knowledge.

Tools of Making Time-table

Class and school physical education time-table is constructed with the help of two kinds of tools.

1. Data gathering from Head teacher and physical educator.


2. Consultation at all stages.

Time-Table Content

The time-table which is to be constructed:

1. Must cover topics which focus on the teacher


2. Initiation aimed at given children individually and in groups sense of responsibility, and

3. Self management of the process is pupils themselves.

Process of Construction

At the first stage, all the factors given above are to be considered while making a time table for class or schools. The emphasis should be on the overall development of children. Also to be discussed are the schools priorities and constraints, i.e., the facilities the school has, interests of the children, the type of training to be imparted and so on.


Depending on school’s emphasis education, the number of classes to be imparted to the children. For those in senior classes with physicals education as an elective subject, the time-table should be associated with each of the three stages-whether theoretical, desirable sports or effective sports. The timetable should also outline the activities to be covered in a period.