Complete information on the broader and Narrower meaning of Education


Man is not only a social animal but also best creation of God. He has thinking, reasoning power, which makes him one of the unique creatures in the world. But the hidden qualities and uniqueness of the human being can be developed through the process of education.

Therefore, it is powerful force, which unfolds the potentialities of the human being in a guided way. The process of acquisition of knowledge, experience and skill is nothing but the meaning of education. Education makes a man perfect in dealing in a complex society.

Narrower Meaning of Education:


In narrower sense, education is limited in schooling. It is the conventional and traditional type of schooling system. The curriculum, methods of teaching and examination and teachers are prefixed and predetermined. It is a systematic to achieve the definite goals of education through classroom instructions and teaching.

Learner can get proper employment after getting certificate from these institutions. Overall, we can say that formal education is the narrower meaning of education. In this system education becomes a purposeful activity, which is deliberately planned by the society for the development of society.

Broader Meaning of Education:

In broader sense education is not limited within the four walls of the classroom but it is life-long process. It is modification of behavior and experiences from different means of sources of education. It helps one to cope and adjust in the changing environment. It equips an individual with different knowledge, experiences and skills for his all-round development.


In broader sense, it is called life. Life is education and education is life. The experiences gained through temple, home, church, family, playground, club, society, school include the broader meaning of education.

In fact, we can say that narrower meaning is a means for total education system whereas broader meaning of education can be realized through different agencies of education.

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