Based on their layout design, drug stores may be categorized as


Based on their layout design, drug stores may be categorized as:

1. Traditional Drug Stores:

These types of drug stores are designed in such a manner that the entire area of Drug store is exposed to customers. -Such a design has pleasing and professional appearance and is convenient for both workers and customers. It provides opportunity for maximum sales but there are good chances of theft in such design.


2. Personal Service Drug Stores:

In this type of design, the whole of the area is not exposed to the customer but the customer is required to interact with the drug store personnel at the service counter.

During the purchasing process the customer demands an article and the personnel provide the articles.

This service and design facilitates maximum interaction between drug store employee and the customers. The success of the drug store depends upon the convenience and friendly service of the personnel at the service counter.


3. Prescription Oriented Drug Store:

These types of drug stores provide a comfortable waiting area where the customers are expected to wait while his prescription is proceeding.

In this type of design health related items, drugs and prescription accessories are displayed in the vicinity while orthopedic and surgical appliances are kept in a separate room. Cosmetics and gifts are arranged in a suitable area in the store.

4. Pharmaceutical Centre:


These types of centre sell medicines, convenience articles, orthopedic and surgical appliances. The store has sufficient floor space and is properly decorated.

5. Super Drug store:

Such types of drug stores have a huge floor area ranging from 5,000 to 10000 with a square design.

The customers have access to all-most-all the area in the drug store and can inspect, handle and select articles themselves. The design is on self service pattern except for the prescription department where self service is not possible.

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